Nowadays, everyone has a buddy who is DJ. Whether they are resident in clubs or in their rooms, DJs all have this common love for music. You have to bear it all the time and for every event. And since you hang out all the time with this DJ buddy, you see some tricks that nobody else knows.

1. You can not find anything new on the radio

You’re always up to date with him.

2. You make the difference between musical genres

3. You rarely listen to the original version of a music

It’s the remix baby!

4. Do not know the meaning of calm

The constant noise.

5. In return, you have the right to sit beside him when mixing

Yes, it is giving giving.

6. “Check my soundcloud”

This is the answer he will give you if you ask him what he is telling.

7. “Would not you have seen my USB stick?” “

Answer by “Yes, I formatted it” to laugh, you will see …

8. On the other hand, you listen to good music without even wanting it

And the neighbors too.

9. He is always present in all festivals

let’s party!