Irresistibly sexy but also ultra galley, lipstick has some disadvantages that only a lipsticks enthusiast knows. Here are 9 that the editorial board

A massive seduction weapon, lipstick is your number one asset. Whether for a day at work, a glass with friends or a romantic date, it does not leave your lips or your purse. You like it red when you are in the incendiary mood, you prefer nude sunny afternoons to bicycle stroll and choose brown to be right in the trend. What does color matter, provided it never leaves you? Though the gloss tries to fail, you only swear fidelity to your good old lipstick. In short, you and your lipstick would make an ideal couple if these 9 problems did not come between you!

1. You are tracked

See the good side of things: at least you know what drink you used in the evening! The bad ? You look suspiciously at the moment your red lips are landing on grandmother’s porcelain.

2. Lipstick on the teeth … ouch!

Already there is the famous end of salad between the teeth to ruin all credibility in less than two seconds so imagine the daily ordeal that endures the REAL fan of lipstick! After experiencing this awkward moment where you find yourself facing your mirror, red on the teeth, remembering that a few minutes earlier you were playing vamps to impress this guy, in general we do not take you back to it anymore. A pocket mirror in your bag, you now scrutinize your teeth every five minutes!

3. Accros to the lipsticks, hello the problems of drought!

Yes, because all the fatal women (cuckoo Dita Von Teese) seem to have lips as soft as baby skin, but the reality is a little less glamorous. Stick moisturizing and exfoliating every week so you are obligatory to avoid chapped lips (beurk!).

4. The moment of the kiss

If you obviously do not make it to a date without your fetish lipstick, there is still this embarrassing moment that should make you think twice. One speaks of course of the moment when your lips all painted smear those of your guy. Not top!

5. You are tracked

Yes because the glasses is binding but the worst still remains the trace you leave on all your cigarette butts. While the others are sticking out the cigarettes without counting, for you, there is always this trace that reminds you that you have exceeded the limit of reasonable …

6. Eyes or mouth? That is the question

You have been bludgeoning since you are old enough to wear makeup that you must choose between the eyes and the mouth to avoid the catastrophe. Yes, but if you’re addicted to the eye liner, what choice do you have? To slice ? Impossible !

7. The romantic dinner event

Try to eat with class and tagliatelle distinction with lemon taking care neither to sift the cutlery (so you make this horrible movement with your teeth) or removing your lipstick is a real challenge!

8. Fall asleep with lipstick

After a well-watered evening, you collapse like a mass in your bed and have neither the courage to wash your teeth, nor to make-up, or even to remove your clothes. The next day you regret it bitterly. Even though the red mouths on your pillow can give it an arty side, right?

9. You can not do without it

Every two minutes you check the pockets of your coat for fear that your tube of lipstick will have been the trunk, you spend your time scrutinizing yourself in the mirror to verify that you still have some on the lips but Especially your friends worry about your health as soon as you do not have one. Yes, you can definitely not go without lipstick.