In the midst of the gestures of beauty which are repeated unceasingly every morning, mistakes are hidden; Rituals and techniques more harmful than anything else, and of which you are made a short-list
In the morning and in the evening, our beauty gestures are mechanical: they have been reproduced for years and we could do them with our eyes closed as we know our routine by heart. Except that if you think well – take the time to remove make-up or clean your face is already a feat! – there are some in the lot that we should stop at once. Things not necessarily conscious, gestures or techniques that actually do more wrong than good to our bodies. You do not know which ones? You are already given 9 mistakes that are all committed in the bathroom.

1. Wash your face morning and evening

we start by attacking the fundamentals of our routine care. Everyone repeated to us how important it is to clean your face, to remove the impurities of the day and to clear the sebum in the morning when you wake up. Except that this double cleaning proves more harmful than anything else, destroying the hydrolipidic film of the skin and boosting the production of sebum in response. So, we forget the gel cleansing in the morning and it is replaced by a simple tonic lotion. Promised, no one will catch buttons.

2. Brushing wet hair from roots to tips

It’s difficult, is not it? The hair is tangled and if you use a shampoo a little stripper, they are rough and downright impossible to comb. Result: we collect dozens of hair in passing and we are surprised to have frizz all over the head. While starting with the tips and going up gradually, we avoid the breakage and we retain our capillary mass; Not crazy, the wasp!

3. Leave our varnish too long

It always finishes completely peeling but nothing does, we let whatever happens our varnish stain on our nails for weeks without passing a blow of solvent. And not only the result is disgusting, but we also always find our yellowed nail underneath. To remedy this, a single trick (because tell us to remove our varnish will be of no use): use a base to avoid simply discoloration of the pigments on the nail.

4. Forget to clean our brushes

And let no one tell you that cleaning your brushes is as useless as washing a towel – since it is used on clean skin. Not only does clean skin always contain impurities that can be deposited on the bristles of the brushes, but they are also used for touch-ups during the day, which transfers sebum, pollution and other residues to our accessories. So once a week, in the shower. And no caprice!

5. Exfoliate face without making mask after

“Already that I make a mask, I am very nice, should not grow meme in nettles”. That’s what we think when we are advised of hanging around 20 minutes with a face mask after exfoliation. Except that after having put the skin to the test, it is weakened, devoid of its hydrolipidic film. Making a mask means not only responding to these two problems, but also and above all activating the beneficial effects of exfoliation. As much as one can apply a mask without having done gumming before, but the reverse is not true. So at work!

6. Zap the hydration step under the pretext of having oily skin

Adding fat to fat, said like that, it does not envy. Except that if the skin secretes sebum in excess, it is that it cruelly lack of hydration, and to refuse a hazel of moisturizing cream only makes worse the situation. To break the vicious circle, the hydration (serum, cream, mask …) is good but not sufficient: the exfoliation is also indispensable to uncrust the pores, to refine the grain of skin and to allow the assets to better penetrate it . After a month, the results are already there!

7. Drill our buttons when they are not white

We feel it grow under our skin, create a small painful and inflamed bump, it is stronger than us, it must always be tampered and try to pierce it. And of course, we regret. Because if you can get away without damage with a ripe white button, triturating a cyst is not as forgivable. Not only does he see himself ten times more, but he is not ready to bar. So, as we know, since the time we try, we stop touching them and treat them with the essential oil of tea tree.

8. Brush your teeth right after breakfast

Again, we thought we would do well, but it was not counting on the acidity of drinks that we consume to upset our beliefs. After a fruit juice, a coffee or a soft drink, the immediate brushing is avoided and it is postponed for half an hour in order not to further weaken the enamel of our teeth, freshly attacked by acidic drinks. Certainly, it does not help anyone, but it is worth changing our habits!

9. Touching your face

And I go scratching, touching my pimples, pressing my head in my hand … All day, one unconsciously touches the face, and in addition to dispersing the potential bacteria, one sows there The impurities favorable to imperfections – yes, those of the keyboard in particular, aka the object of the dirtiest everyday in front of the toilet bowl: D. If there is no question of becoming a control freak and washing your hands every 5 minutes, it is better to limit the contacts. Not easy, we know: this is a big challenge that awaits us.