Smoking is bad, you stop when … BLABLABLA … There are many remarks and curiosities that smokers who are fed up are reminded that they are reminded of what they already know. And we, we TAKE MARRE in your place.

1. Do not you want to stop?

Visibly … no

2. And your parents, are they aware?

Mother’s name is Jacqueline, you know …

3. How long did you smoke?

Long enough for me to light a cigarette right away if you do not stop asking me so many questions …

4. Do you realize that it is harmful to your health?

No joke !

5. You know, you will have more breath!

Who cares?

6. And between us, you smoke only or …?

7. Damaged cigarette, it kills

8. You may not have children you know!

“It’s easy to stop smoking, I stop 20 times a day,” Oscar Wilde