Friendship is vital and essential for everyone. When one is in a distressing state of mind, a delicate situation or simply invaded by a melancholy, it is the best friend par excellence that is solicited illico. Yes, our best friend is the only one who understands us and is able to alleviate our grief and especially because she is the only one to be aware of certain things. That being the case, when a friendship develops, we all happen to do strange and absurd things. These things we invite you to discover below:

1. Take a lot of stuff: Deodorant, clothes, makeup …


2. Swallow normally while one of you is naked, head in the closet looking for his jeans


3. Take crazy pictures


4. Talk about all the doubts, even the most useless

5. Note on a scale of 1 to 10 all the people you know

6. Telling bad things about people you like because you’re sure your best friend will never say it

7. Go out secretly for a meal before or during an evening

8. Constantly / continually compliment