Not the means to pay you luxury clothes? No panic, you can ALSO display the famous logos and monograms on your nails!

Bags, shoes, belts, tops … no part of our wardrobe has been spared by the madness of logos of marks and other monograms, proclaiming loud and clear our belonging to squads mode ultra select. And since it is now difficult to find a free place to display our love of brands (on the skin, it’s just no way, maybe with a dental rhinestone?), It is the nails that take over and Start chanting Chanel, LV, Gucci or Nike. There is the green manicure to the weed, so why not the nail art scratched? On a nail or 10, through a logo or a flagship print, the manicures that follow pay homage to well-known brands – like that if you can not buy a luxury item, you can Just as well afford a little tweed Chanel on the ring finger or a Gucci snake on the middle finger. No hesitation to have: just do it!

A nail art KENZO

A nail art Gucci

A nail art Like Boys

A Nike Manicure

A nail art Moschino

A Chanel Manicure

A Louis Vuitton nail art

A Givenchy Manicure



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