Because making the transition from winter to spring is a real fashion challenge, these 16 inspirations may help you lighten your outfits with skill

We had the cold wave, the rainy week continuously, and now before the arrival of spring, time decides to give us a mercury well above our expectations. So, we’re happy, but we do not know what to dance or how to replace our winter basics so much we’ve only seen them in the last six months. Except that in reality, making the transition with the beautiful season is due to a few things: more shimmering colors, a sticky that disappears, a mantle that is lightening … because it is a reality, the French climate is Far from resembling that of California and even in May, it is sometimes necessary to put on a scarf. The 16 looks that follow and found on Pinterest have everything to inspire our spring outfits. And as a bonus, we guide you on things to remember from these outfits.

1. The sweater dress

In winter, she dresses us with nothing and keeps us warm. Except at the first rays of the sun, it proves stifling! Unless we wear bare legs or without a coat, provided we have thought of putting on an underwear that retains heat.

2. White pants

Rather than wearing the same black slim tirelessly, we twist our favorite winter look with light colored pants: it instantly illuminates the silhouette, and it’s also hyper in the trend.

3. The midi skirt

In summer, we love it with a bodysuit and a pair of sandals, but when the temperatures do not exceed 15 ° C, we accompany it with a knitted sweater and boots, to compose a Look light, but not too much.

4. The blouse

Turtleneck, sweatshirts, thermal tops and big wools can now be a thing of the past, but until we can wear our t-shirts and other light tops alone or with a jacket this summer, long sleeves are still required. The best compromise? A blouse or a fluid shirt, to carry ample or even overturned on the shoulders.

5. Pants to tie

The trousers are perhaps timeless, but embellished with ties to tie, it lends itself more to the beautiful season than to the freezing days. Whatever its color or length, it is perfect for mid-season, worn with a warm sweater or a long masculine coat.

6. The mariner

without being out of place as of March, the sailor brings this marine side clean to the beautiful days, perfect for the transition! And if we love her with a little denim shorts in the middle of summer, she adapts very well to a slim jeans and boots when it is still a bit chilly.

7. Jacket

Rather than lugging our down jacket until May – because clearly, we could – put on the jacket to warm up a mid-season look. And if it is still a little bit in the morning, a bandana as a scarf will do the trick!

8. The color piece

Look at a mass of people in the middle of winter. What do you see ? Of black. Injecting color into his mid-season outfit, so bring him that bright and springy side that goes well, whether with a pants, a sweater or a coat – a big, basically.

No need to wear a Liberty print to make a spring look: it is often not enough to bring lightness to an outfit.