More things started to reckon with every driver A calculation is to find a parking space for his car, especially if it comes to a large and crowded city. Patience, precision in planning, cooler nerves … etc are all things gained with time and make you an expert in this task better than anyone else. So you know the secret places become intelligent and means to facilitate the process for you.

But there is a united stages are well known to every driver wants to corner his car days, which passed them at least once in his life. That were not have tried it, you know what might happen to you in the future.

1. First, start praying to find the perfect location near the corner of the roof or covered tree

And especially to be close to the exit.

2. The tour of the parts, and surprise: not a vacant place

Beginning to question the validity of your sight stage

3. hint from afar someone opens his car

Finally came the vulva, go calmly towards him until you win the place before others.

4. Here, the shock, he just put some things in his car and would soon be gone

It absorbs the bitterness of defeat, but you do not lose hope.

5. Do not lose hope

Trying again

6. Here is the place …

Is not as pervasive as I hoped for, but there is no alternative.

7. employ all your skills to corner the car sound manner without compromising the cars around you

Feel like you’re in the movie “Mission Impossible”.

8. If you go in your path and proud smile never leaving your face

Blessed to you, I did it again.