With spring around the corner, it’s high time to dare more colorful manicures. And these 8 shades could help us get there!
Let’s be realistic for a moment: we have beautiful zieuter gilded manicures, unicorn nail arts and 3D nails with overflowing interest, our nails always finish lacquered in colors far from being pompelup. Black, burgundy, plum or blue night … that’s about the only shades that our hands have seen lately; The fault in winter or our dark soul, hard to say. But since we are about to see the light at the end of the tunnel, it is perhaps time to zap definitively – or until the next coming soon at least – dark manicures in favor of more vitamin shades. And with that awful look, God knows it would not hurt us. And for spring, pastel nail varnishes will stack what we need! Soft as the revival of nature, they will be a perfect fit before the colors squarely pop of the summer. But what colors to wear? If you want to …

1. Water green

Halfway between the blue celadon and the green anise, the green water or mint begins the spring with good humor. On a light or dark skin, it knows how to give itself in spectacle!

2. Of Greenery

OK, the color of the year elected by Pantone is not easy, but if there is indeed a place where we accept to inject it, it is on our nails – because in decoration or in our guard -robe, we will have to pay very dear.

3. Sky blue

After the denim that had made the beautiful hours of our autumn, it is in its pale version that the blue returns in the spring. A color less easy of a red, certainly, but like a good old jeans is with everything.

4. Pink

Once found our rose – the one that goes to the complexion and does not make us look sick! – this is probably the color that will be worn most in the spring. We will wait all the same summer to dare the fuchsia!

5. Yellow

Very first summer or even a little coarse in contrast to the tan, yellow is more elegant in spring. Then, failing to see him shine in the sky, it is on our hands that we bring a touch of sunshine!

6. Salmon

If the blorange makes followers on the capillary side, it is equally well on the nails in the good season. To avoid before the full summer: the flaming coral or the orange pop, except in discrete keys on a nail art.

7. Lila

Rather pink or bluish, the lila has its place on our nails as early as March. The trick for the most chilly of this color a little snack: wear it with a tip of gray for an aged effect.

8. From the nude

If you did not wear it already this winter, here is THE color to be displayed from now on. Why ? Not only is it available for all skin tones and is therefore suitable for everyone, but it is also the ideal neutral if you have difficulty separating from your black or burgundy.