When it was released in 2014, the first part of the Guardians of the Galaxy saga was a real cinematic revelation. From fiction sprinkled with realism accompanied by a zest of crudity, this film is a cocktail of sensations and movements. We all agree, the film universe of Marvel almost never disappointed. It keeps authentic its label and its signature.

Here’s a second part! An adventure to take your breath away if not shake your adrenaline. Here are, without further ado, 8¬†good reasons to watch “Guardians of the Galaxy 2.”

1. Because the film is the masterpiece of a shadow director

Yes, his name is James Gunn and although his resume is meager, he was able to distinguish himself until he was spotted by the Marvel studios who recognized his talent and chose him as a screenwriter and director. If that’s not a reason?

2. Humor and more humor


This film, you are told, will give you cramps in the stomach by laughter. Yes because “Guadians of the Galaxy” is especially this crazy side and this humor of Geek that will make you spend a pleasant moment. Promised, swore, spat !

3. The trailer that already gives us a taste of killing!

In the first few seconds, you know that the film is coming from the thunder! From the second degree, special effects and especially super good music. Yes because in this film, we do not kid! Everything is well thought out. You will tickle your hearing with Awesome Mix Volume 2. We warn you, this stuff sticks to the skull!

4. Just for the beautiful eyes of Chris Pratt

Is not it canon girls (or guys)?

5. Because Baby Groot is the most adorable of small creatures

Is not it cute? Hey? With her little head all mimi … We crack!

Must say that sometimes …

6. Because there’s Bradley Cooper in there!

Good in the form of raccoons but we do not care, his voice is there anyway!

7. Special effects to take your breath away

And those costumes and sets … You’ll be somewhere else, somewhere in space!

8. Because it’s even more fun to see it