At the moment, difficult to pass in the alleys of a makeup shop without crossing metal lipsticks. Yes, but how are they applied?

The big trend this spring side makeup is the metallic lipstick. Nyx, ColourPop, Kate Von D and Urban Decay have taken the plunge, because we do not have all the means to offer one that is made in kylie Jenner. The thing is, it’s not easy. Fortunately, there are several techniques to divert it.

Highlighting version

At the corner of the eye

In small touches in the corner of the eye or squarely in eye shadow, your lipstick can be useful other than on lips!

The redness tasks

Everyone does not always assume his freckles but highlight them with a touch of metallic lipstick can make all the difference!

Fake piercing

If you do not want to be drilled (and you understand it), you can still draw your piercing.

Classic version

If you plan to stay classic, then bet on a simple lipstick. On the other hand, one tries to grant one’s eye shadow (or, one plays it sober on the eyes).

Playing with shadows

For those who want to stand out, playing with shadows may be a good alternative!

On his eyebrows

Because, why not?

Bonus – dare the lipstick galaxy

Well, it’s not good for everyone. But, it’s still beautiful …!

The advantage is that there are many shades and the combinations are endless. So, you can let your creativity speak