Adopting the spangled trend, it is not given to everyone. Very quickly, we can make a faux pas and pass for a ball with facets. Fortunately, on Pinterest, there are some cool inspirations!

Ah, the glitter. We love them, we have them everywhere and often we would like to add to our make-up. Yes, but here we are, we can have a heavy hand and look like a ball faceted or a girl who goes out in the evening … while she is going to work. In short, the sequins, it is dose. And because many dare not wear them.

The golden eyelashes

Failing to be able to own 24 karat gold jewelery, you can at least have such precious eyelashes.

The iridescent eyelid

The good compromise remains the gradient: at least, it does not weigh down the eyelid. On the other hand, think of putting a little make-up under the eye: history not to give the impression that you left the bathroom in disaster.

Discreet flakes

To re-awaken the eye, one mixes eye shadow and glitter (and in addition, there is no jealous).

Swap kohl for glitter

If you do not want to separate from your eyeliner, you do not have to ignore the glitter! Under the eye, it’s just as pretty!

The Galaxy Eyelid

Okay, you’ll probably spend some time there to get all the nuances. But admit, the result is canon.

The glittery integral

You do not like walleye? Opt for money! It’s easier to wear and less bling-bling.

A nude tone

For a nude (and shiny) tone, one opts for a slight gradation of golden glitter. And right away, it makes a difference!

For the bold

When you are bold, you like to play with colors, glitter and even eyeliner. There you can opt for larger sequins. But be careful, we sow them! You would not want it to be too busy!