The leader of the smartphone and veteran of the mobile telephony overthrows all prognoses by putting, since yesterday on the market, the not less famous Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +.

The latest jewel of the South Korean leader is exhibited in front of a hundred journalists and telephony specialists. This is a new challenge for the bold Samsung who does not joke about it. The glass lids will remain there! The Galaxy S8 is amazing, surprising, captivating and simply seductive. It is a provocative and bold creation whereby Samsung once again climbs onto the podium for aesthetics and performance.

Here are 7 things to know about the new Samsung Galaxy S8.

1. Design that exceeds all expectations

You see it and impossible not to let go of a “Wowawa! “Immediately. With its 5.8-inch curved screen, refined side edges and AMOLED screen that further enhances the monolithic appearance of the camera, the Galaxy S8’s design offers a good grip and users can only be satisfied.

2. New camera-level features

Practical features have been added to the camera. The camera can now be used with one hand. We can now switch from the front camera to the backbone with a simple gesture. The front-end sensor also improves from 5 to 8 megapixels.

3. Fingerprints and facial recognition

Security was at the heart of Samsung’s concerns. And for this fact, the system of biometric identification has been rethought. We can now unlock by either a code, a fingerprint sensor, an iris scanner, or facial recognition. You choose!

4. From the phone to the portable computer

A rather successful feature for the Galaxy S8 that can now switch from laptop to laptop. If that’s not wonderful!

5. Bixby, the intelligent assistant

This is the flagship innovation of the South Korean giant. Bixby, this intelligent multifunction wizard, has a contextual AI. In other words, the assistant knows absolutely everything about you: what you do, where you are. It can also switch from one mode to another: from image to voice …

6. Infinity Display

This is the Samsung revolution in these new Galaxy S8 and S8 +. The last two creations of samsung are equipped with a new screen called “Infinity Display” with its new ratio 18.5: 9ème which allows him to palpate, somewhat, this cinema experience. The screens now occupy more than 80% space on the front of the phone. The bottom buttons, however, have completely disappeared to be integrated into the screen area.

7. Bixby Vision