You think we hath not seen, wagging just thinking at that Eve approaching, scour the web in search of the perfect evening dress, flip your closet in search of the most festive items you In stock? For all fashionistas, the end of the year celebrations are also: take pleasure in getting pretty, wear outfits that will make sensation, appropriate the most daring trends, in short express his passion for fashion. Besides, if you’re a real bugger, maybe you’ve already decided on your New Year’s wear. For the others who are still feeling and needing a bit of inspiration to compose their own outfit, chill out, we got a whole bunch of good ideas while surfing on Pinterest. Impossible that you do not have a flash of genius after seeing our 8 special holiday trends.

A sexy outfit with leather

A look far from smooth in pleated


An undressed outfit with thin shoulder straps


A gorgeous outfit with sequins

A feline look with velvet

A girly outfit with tulle

Clear look with transparency