Mules, sneakers, slingack … The pairs of trendy shoes will be numerous this spring: find a selection of the 7 most popular models of the season

Sneakers are life – we all agree that they will occupy the first place in our hearts in the spring. But in real shoe addicts, we also do not intend to forget all the other shoes that will make the beautiful days of the season. And to our delight, the list is long! Chanel’s famous slingback, the mules in all their shapes or the sneakers declined to infinity, should not be very complicated. If we take one of each, is it abused? With all the stylish models we’ve found for spring, we’re not far from making a big crack. Plus, there’s something for every budget, with pairs from the most affordable to the most premium. Without further ado: that the raid begins!

1. The mules

Flat, with heels, open on the toes or closed like booties … the mules are the shoes of the spring, democratized by Gucci. If it is difficult to stop choosing on one model, then you put on both slippers and peep-toes with heels to alternate between casual style and more elegant.

2. Swimming pool taps

Views and reviews, Rihanna’s fur-tapers for Puma are no longer law, and good old plastic models will do the trick in the late spring. But be careful: decoration rigor on these sandals a little first degree!

3. The slingback

True parti-pris mode, these small shoes with back bridle appeal or do not like – no middle ground for this shoe created by Chanel in 1957. The good idea to update them with flying colors? Choose them with a stylish strap or a sophisticated heel.

4. The espadrilles

Our good old beach sneakers will never leave the landscape as they are timeless – except the compensated models, one avoids. In 2017, one dares the flat pairs laced on the ankle or even the tennis rope soles if one wants to wear them from the month of March.

5. The babies

Already trendy last spring, the ballerinas with heels seem entrenched! But to avoid repetition, they are preferred this time with a pointed indentation, a design heel or a small strap around the ankle or babies way.

6. Platforms

No matter what pair of shoe we wear in the spring provided it is platform! The sneakers, the sneakers, the derbies, the sandals … The shoes take to the height and are eccentric, you are prevented.

7. Sneakers

Because fast fashion banners also have nice pairs to offer, we are tempted by models at lower prices to cross the season. After all, we may be tired of it from the start.