To keep the face in spite of the heat this summer, we drain all our refreshing haze!

Gamines, we used to run in the middle of the automatic watering in the summer to cool off, and to turn in circles under the jets of the pataugeoire – or lack of better, public fountains. Since then, water has flowed under the bridges but above all, we have discovered make-up, and our summer cool ritual is no longer quite the same. No, we are not talking about whistling a pint of beer on the terrace, even if it is effective, but to draw our face mist. These sprays or aerosols are mostly moisturizing, while others combine the benefits with soothing, matifying, decongesting, toning, fixative, protective, and some of the best. So as we approach hot summer days (or airplane trips), it’s time to get this formidable anti-heat slash anti-shine gun that is the face mist to keep the face at all times . And to help you choose, we have prepared an it-list of 7 products for all needs and all budgets. So fresh!

Kiehl’s – Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist

At the same time moisturizing, toning and fixing, the small Kiehl’s bag mist evaporates under all circumstances – after cleansing to energize the skin, at the end of make-up ritual or after sport to refresh it. She understood everything!

Thank You Handy – Refreshing Face Mist

OK, the mists of the range signed by Merci Handy are only refreshing, but since they exist in three perfumes (monoï, mint & green tea and bouquet of flowers) they are not strictly rigorous; They could be emptied into one application.

Too Cool For School – Coconut Milky Mist

Difficult to say what evokes us the most holidays: the exquisite scent of coconut, or the tropical leaves on the bottle. Anyway, a spray is enough to develop an addiction, thanks to this ultra fine mist that moisturizes the driest skin.

Jurlique – Rosewater Balancing Mist

Ultra nostalgic (some will think about the beauty products of their mummy, others to their fragrant pouch), the water of rose of the Australian mark is deposited in microdrops on the skin to hydrate, to calm and to release Its anti-aging virtues. Difficult to carry it in its bag, but ideal on a freshly cleaned skin.

Sampar – Intense Moisture Mist

Is it a face mist or a wellness infusion? Hum, hard to say. Inside its box, floral water of blueberry, lime tree, orange blossom and essential oil of geranium synergize to decongest, clear and soothe atopic skins. Perfect for an evening after party – among others

Sweet Me – Neroli Mist

During the day, it purifies the skin and restores radiance to the tired skin. In the evening, she calms him but also calms the mind, making it easier to fall asleep. Two good reasons to have one in his bag, and one on his bedside table!


Yves Rocher – Soothing Mist

Reactive skins that blush at the slightest change in temperature – or grass blades in public parks in summer – can be provided with this soothing mist formulated from extract of leaves of Sigesbeckia Orientalis. We learned a word today (or rather a plant asset), we are content.