Each year issued several films that create the event and make everybody is talking about, but this time was different because of the film to make the world fascinated in front of horrified, and quickly entered the list of the best in history.

Maybe enough about Show Teaser for the film, sending immediately towards the cinema halls to watch it, but nevertheless we will give you reasons, or guarantees, so to speak, make you want to view it as soon as possible.

1. The film is a musical, takes you on plates dancer mildly lyrical and it will make you sink amid beauty

2. From the wonderful starring Ryan Gosselin and Emma Stone, who nominated for several awards for their roles in the film, most recently Oscar

3. The film won high dotting grandfather, for example, we find IMDb has the film arrived to assess the 8.7 / 10

4. Since the film musical, the songs in a very wonderful

5. The film dominated the Oscars with 14 nominations, a record achieved by the movie Titanic previously

6. Anyone who saw the film I feel happy after a close, and many viewers and critics have said it’s like a dream

7. The story and the scenes hatched more than wonderful