It is clear that social networks have become a kind of mirror of our lives, likes and hashtags have become needs, but is it really beneficial?

1. When you are happy in your relationship, you are naturally more invested

It’s not that usually you’re not socially active, but you’re just happy on the moment!

2. You validate your relationship, not others

There will always be jealous people to give you their opinions on your relationship! But it is up to you alone to validate the latter.

3. You have nothing to prove

You do not use the image of the other to show that you are happy, you are together because that is what you want, end of the story.

4. It is always best to keep your problems for yourself

A relationship lives two, not 1000 … With surveys and comments …

5. People who use the least social networks are happier

One study proved this, one must know how to balance the private and the “social” life, at the risk of no longer having privacy!

6. Your photos become memories, not proofs!

You take pictures for yourself, think about each other, at a special moment, and not to be “validated” by the web!

7. You use social networks as a tool, not as a means

A tool to communicate with your loved ones, not a way to fuel your self-esteem.