It is spring and to celebrate the arrival of the fine weather, we finally let go of our black outfits. On the other hand, mastering the printed matter is sometimes complicated. Fortunately, Pinterest is here to save us!

The message is clear: this spring will be printed or will not. But the concern with the prints is that you have to know how to wear them. The border between trend and bad taste is very thin and it would still be a shame to feel like a tapestry.

1. Vichy but not country

Le Vichy, we love it or we hate it. Most often, we are afraid to look like a picnic tablecloth and it is (in part) pure that one dares not wear it. But breaking the country side with pale pink, or even associating it with a denim jacket and sneakers, raises the level. Another technique: go thoroughly and mix two printed pieces. But be careful, we choose tiles of different sizes and colors.

2. The White Stripes

Scratches, you have to choose them. You do not want your outfit to remind you of your grandpa’s pajamas and you do not want it to make you feel like you have grown (and you understand). Small tips, vertical stripes lengthen the silhouettes – unlike horizontal stripes. They are chosen on a pair of fluid trousers or they are combined with a denim skirt. As with gingham, mixing stripes and playing on their waists can also be a good idea.

3. Good kiss from …

The problem with the postcard print is that it can quickly give the impression that you are returning from vacation. No, you were not in a far country and no, your dress does not come from a souvenir shop. With this type of print, one remains simple: a long dress, white sneakers and one does not touch anything.

4. Under the sunlight of the tropics

Far from us the idea of you put the song of Gilbert Montagné in the head but, we were obliged. To wear the tropical print, it is better to avoid mixing. So, it remains simple: pastel shades, denim or even a basic striped shirt, all is to keep in mind that your printed piece is your strong piece. The most daring can also be played street wear, a good way to break it all!

5. Give flowers

Every spring they come back and every year, it’s the same refrain – we’re talking about flowers, of course. To change the denim, one chooses them embroidered on leather or on tulle. There will be one that will make you crack.

6. Guard to you!

Once again, we find the military print. To break the image of the girl who plays paintball, it is associated with golden boots (or even electric blue). Also, the striped shirt is a good alternative to our good old white T-shirt.

7. Aloha