Epilating is not a part of pleasure. And to believe these 7 galleys that we have all already experienced, it is even almost torture!

Each depilatory method has its advantages … but also its (minor) disadvantages. If we rattle because our hairs grow back too quickly after shaving, the waxing, it, does not present only one inconvenience – otherwise it would be too beautiful. To believe that we are a little maso to continue to pluck our hair for the sole pleasure of having soft skin longer! If you too, you sentence yourself every three weeks, you will necessarily find yourself in the 10 galleys that follow …

When the band of wax is not part of a single blow …

… and that it is necessary to tear it in several times. When it happens because our hand did not grab the band, the hair was too strong or we were not in the right position, we suffer but we remain tolerant. But when it is the esthetician who snatches it out, there is no excuse: it is simply an unjustified act of malice.

When the wax is too hot but you do not dare to say it

The first band is okay. It is the following. In the long run, the skin becomes more sensitive and reactive, and it is the first degree burn that is waiting for us. But when one knows that to cool the wax, the esthetician has no choice but to blow on his stick – and to blow at the same time – we find ourselves (too often) to close our mouth and grit one’s teeth.

When you have the skin that suffers for days

It was thought well to do and kiffer our lives as a sweet girl, but the reality is quite different. If you need to iron five times with warm wax on the same area, you end up with painful skin; The slightest contact with our clothes (or any other body) makes us suffer. And frankly, we did not come here for that.

When you thought you had enough wax / bands to do it all …

… but that it is the shortage before you could not finish. A single armpit, a single leg, a single lip shaved (it’s the worst) it fout the seum. So here you are resigned to finish with the razor (or to remain asymmetrical) and to regret this decision the following time – because it doubles badly.

The red buttons that prevent you from putting the little dress you wanted

Rather than shaving the area in a hurry in the shower, you’ve taken the trouble to take out your wax strips or your electric epilator history whether it’s nickel. Really, respect. Except that now you find yourself with legs riddled with red buttons – long live the irritations! – and that the skirt you had in mind, eh bah is dead. Go hop, you resign yourself to donning jeans by 30 ° C.

The ingrown hairs that turn your body into a minefield

We know to exfoliate our skin at least once a week to avoid ingrown hairs. But just as our guy knows he has to lower the toilet bowl when he’s finished, we never do it – lazy. But in fact, one takes a guilty pleasure in extirpating them from under the skin. Except those who have formed purulent balls under the armpits or in our panties. There, we love less.

When deo tears you armpits

With a little luck, you will have discovered that it is the alcohol of your deo that causes the burning sensation, and you will have thrown this stew in the trash. Otherwise, we strongly advise you to do so. This is easy to solve.