7 fashion trends that come from the past

They were the trends of yesterday, now they become trends today. High waist, leopard pattern, bowler hat or elephant paws, for you a selection of these fashion trends that come back to us from the past.

1. High rise

Tailored in pants, or in skirts, the high waist is the fashion accessory of the moment.

2. Elephant Leg Pants

« I say Disco you say Party, Disco, Disco, Party, Party. »

3. Pattern small peas

This pattern comes out of the closets! It adorns your shirts, your shorty, your sneakers, in short it is everywhere.

4- Leopard pattern

Wonderful !

5- Turban

Oppa Turban Style !

6. Bowler hat

7. Men’s Shoes

After the boyfriend jeans and the boyfriend shirt, place to boyfriend shoes?