7 applications that will change your daily life in 2017

Stop, stop all! Technology is magic. As proof, we have selected for you 7 applications that will change your daily life, even your life, without exaggeration in 2017.

1. Kiwake

No more snoozes and alarms to finish. With Kiwake, you will have to wake up and take a picture in your room, previously recorded.

2. Soundhound

Shazam? Too mainstream. To find this song that does not leave your head anymore, it will be enough to hum it its air or its words.

3. Hopper

Or the application that allows you to save money by predicting the right time to buy your plane ticket.

4. Dojo

The application par excellence to let you know all the good plans, no matter where you are.

5. Stava

To shape your body before summer and challenge your friends to do better than you, Stava is the application to hold!

6. Headspace

To meditate, in all serenity.

7. Tv Showtime

Now you will have a detailed calendar of your favorite series.