There’s always something about a guy who is little mysterious, bit with a dark side and something off the mark which girls cannot predict but seem immensely attracted to. It became  universal phenomena – good girls and bad boys seem to naturally seem to attract each other.

He is the one definitely out of every girl’s list of guys, but the bad boys are irresistible and good girls get into the most self-destructive relationship.

1. Bad boys are hot

When picturing bad boy, you picture a guy with irresistible biceps and smoking hot 8 packs with deep eyes and leather jacket. You feel completely doomed already. Well, this is what attraction works on at first. Then he’ll keep on crossing your thoughts.

2. Bad Boys Are Forbidden

It’s a human nature to try out the forbidden and same goes with good girls. Every mother taught her girl to keep the bad guys off the list and this is what makes the good girls curious.

3. Bad Boys don’t care..!! but when they do, they go on a rage

Well, this is destructive but makes a girl feel way too damn good. Bad Boys can go on a killing spree if their girl is been harmed or hurt.

4. Bad Boys Are Exciting 

Well living a “Crazy life is very exciting for good girls, who have been following every rule set all their lives. Each step full of thrill, danger, adventure, and excitement can be endearing since Bad Boys don’t give a damn about rules.

5. They Love like the world’s ending

The most important factor High on love. Be in love with a bad boy and you’ll know. All that passion and excitement…..

6. Bad Boys Are Confident

Be it their way of approaching girls or doing what they do in open without fear and with pride, there is confidence in each move – which is what everyone desires to have and girls take pride in having these boys by their side.