Purifying, detoxifying, rebalancing … charcoal is the beauty ingredient that has it all!

The charcoal plant has largely deserved its place! Not much plebiscite 5 years ago, the charcoal plant or activated charcoal has known a craze unparalleled in recent months. A veritable Swiss knife of beauty, the famous active ingredient obtained by calcining vegetables (wood, coconut shells …) has demonstrated detoxifying powers unparalleled, highly sought after for making purifying facials, whitening toothpastes And even food products to restore intestinal functions. No wonder that at the time when many cosmetics are pointed at for their dangerous health, coal has grown its partisan troops! Already convinced by the super ingredient or just curious to try it, here are 11 cosmetics that contain them.

Coal micellar remover

Ultra-practical in its nomadic format, this cleansing water with the strange black color gives a fresh blow to the skin, in addition to ridding it of the last traces of makeup.

Konjac Sponge with Charcoal

Well moistened, this pretty sponge in the shape of heart swells and cleans the face with an unsuspected softness. Perfect for everyday use with a foaming cleaner.

Charcoal cloth mask

Vegetable charcoal is not only in facial care because it has the ability to absorb moisture and underarm bacteria to stay fresh throughout the day.


Make-up remover oil

Sensitive skin found their detox ally in this cocooning oil enriched with active charcoal powder. After gently massaging the face to catch any impurities in the way, it is rinsed with water or with a damp cloth.


Charcoal exfoliating wipes

With its 25 wipes impregnated with charcoal micelles, one exfoliates with a gesture the dead skins of the face to refine the grain of skin and to say bye bye to the black dots.

Charcoal powder

In a homemade mask, a detox shampoo or on the toothbrush to gently whiten them, the charcoal powder is the new must-have of our bathroom!