Ratified the past a lot of misinformation about foods from around us, especially because there is no scientific background supported, how many times we have encountered in our decisions tuition, news and tips parents .. all made this misinformation is more common, and we believe to continue to publish them!

1. Drink plenty of milk strengthens bones

Milk is fantastic, but we must stand at the fact that cow’s milk is designed for calves, milk mothers beneficial for babies .. So The heart verse upside down may lead to counter-productive, as recent studies have been written that cow’s milk is working to liberate calcium from our bones and cause bones to weaken in the long term .

2. gum takes seven years to digest

Chewing gum, like other types of foods are full of sugars and citrus oils .. The human stomach is able to digest in a maximum period of one week. But it is worth mentioning that the ingestion of large amounts of chewing gum in a short period of time may cause you problems already.

3. drink 2.5 liters of water every day

We all suffer from this advice almost every day, and it seems they are rife since the beginning of its appearance in 1945 at the hands of the US National Council for Research on Food and Nutrition, and the fact that there is no rule for everyone .. drink the amount you deem appropriate, only.

4. energy drinks give you wings

Other false information consumed by today’s young people more than others, as what is happening is quite the opposite. These energy drinks progress already some of the energy produced by the large quantity that they contain sugar, but it lasts only a few hours, while the greatest influence her is injury disease blood or diabetes, anemia later that, especially if you consume 2 to 4 containers per week.

5. All carbohydrates are not good for you

To reduce weight, you stay away from carbohydrates .. advice learned from Hollywood starlets thin, but it does not tell you is that some of these carbohydrates useful and necessary for your body, such as fruits, vegetables and all the foods that contain fiber.