Who among us does not dream of a perfect body free of diseases and overweight? Who does not want to maintain their health by several methods do not cost a lot of money and time.

Through this, we will learn about the most important 5 Exercises and efforts burn more than 800 calories per hour, to get rid of excess weight then and enjoy physical fitness and good health.

1. Ride a bike

Sport fun for many people, it is tedious and everybody loved, especially as it helps to burn about 850 calories per hour, especially if practiced on highlands. So they tried to exercise at least three times a week.

2. swimming

swimming helps burn between 700-800 calories during one hour, as well as give the body fitness and flexibility if exercised properly.

3. Walk

Favorite sport for everyone! Walk are the easiest ways to burn the calories, with burns and one hour of brisk walking about 600 calories, but care must be taken to move the arms while walking and running.

4. Dancing

Dancing is gaining widespread popularity in the midst of physical fitness exercises around the world. You can dance to your favorite music or enter a specialized school in dance and practice your favorite hobby, which burns about 750-900 calories per hour.

5. Running

Running is the best way to get rid of fat, it is best practiced in the early morning or after sunset, where burns about 900 calories an hour.