It was naively thought that the redoubt of the last days would persist – popopooo 10 ° C, it is a time to make fart the jacket in denim! – but it seems that we have rejoiced too quickly. Yes, finished the mild temperatures: France is getting ready to experience a good cold wave in a few days, the one that makes you want to go out with your duvet on your back or hibernate until the return of spring . Except that none of these two options is seriously conceivable (though), it will be necessary to think of another solution to escape unharmed – both for our health and for our dignity. And these 5 tips are already a good start to get there …

1. Overlay layers of clothing

A little brassette lace under a sweater in big knit, it’s sexy, but that’s about it all. Because when it quaver worships outside, it is better to layer the layers than to put on a single large piece, even if it is a priori thick and warm. So, we multiply the clothes, preferably starting with pieces close to the body like a long-sleeved t-shirt or a body, then a light sweater before finishing on a heavier stitch. Same under the pants: a simple opaque tights or a legging with retention of heat are welcome.

2. Cover the ends

You can get cold in your legs and arms when it really quills outside, but they will never be as frozen as our toes, ears or fingers. It is now a reality known to all: it is the extremities that suffer most from extreme temperatures, and the head is one of these parts particularly sensitive to cold and heat loss. During the cold wave, we do not forget the gloves, the bonnet and the thick socks, they will really make the difference. It will not be very useful to cover oneself with egg if one forgets these precious accessories!

3. Put on thermal clothing

It was explained when making our suitcase for skiing: thermal clothing has dusted off their image and are now more aesthetic than they were before. Small striped turtleneck, long-sleeved ribbed body … Heat retention garments can also be stylish (Uniqlo and Princesse tam.tam are proof), what to look at and welcome them with open arms During the cold wave that is coming!

4. Opt for materials that really hold hot

You can well imagine that the polar fleece is one of those materials that keep warm, but to guard the face, we will avoid advising you here. On the other hand, neoprene, another synthetic fabric ideal in extreme cold, can be used. As for natural materials, wool, cashmere, velvet and silk are good anti-cold alloys: one forgets the small acrylic tops if one does not want to freeze on the spot.

5. Choosing the Right Shoes

Wearing his Converse or Vans in winter, what a rich idea! Not only are tennis to be outlawed in cold weather (obviously, the canvas is far from holding warm), but sneakers usually do not mix when it freezes. In winter, it is better to bet on boots or boots, which will not only protect the ankles from the cold, but will be more waterproof and insulating.