Perfume is an art. You have to know how to choose it and, above all, you have to know how to apply it so that it can work.

Choosing a perfume is not a small matter: it must feel good, stick to our personality and our style and in addition, it should not be excessive. Once we have found the rare pearl (after having tested all the samples of the shop), it is another fight that awaits us: to hold it! Because quite often, without our faithful bag vapor, the perfume evaporates. To end this, here are five tips that should change your life.

Choosing powerful perfumes

Believe it or not, some perfumes do not hold as well as others. For example, the more spicy notes will tend to last longer while the cooler (or acidulous) fragrances will evaporate more quickly. So if you’re looking for a fragrance that will hold the shock all day long, go for spicy or woody notes – like Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium, for example.

Choosing your shower gel or milk

When you’re a girl, you tend to mix lotions, shower gels and perfumes. The thing is, we choose them according to our tastes. As a result, we often find ourselves mixing a shower gel with sweet almond, a mango lotion with our good old perfume. And there’s nothing worse than mixing the smells. It takes a budget but if you can, buy the lotions and products derived from your perfume. Or, choose scents that come close.

Knowing when and where to apply

You know, the area is essential. A few drops are deposited in the neck and obviously on the wrists. But, these are not the only places most prized! In fact, you can apply it on “hotter” areas of your body – such as the stomach or the back of the knees: the heat will help the perfume to go up the body. As for the right time, it’s just after the shower. So, if you spray your perfume once ready and just before leaving the house in a whirlpool, try changing your habits. When applied after showering, moisturizing the skin helps to anchor the fragrance.

Do not rub your wrists

It is a temptation that we all have: rub our wrists against each other when we apply perfume. And yet, this is a serious mistake. Why ? Quite simply because the strongest notes evaporate. Then we resist and let it dry.

Keeping your skin hydrated

A perfume would hold better on a hydrated skin: when the skin is too dry, it tends to absorb some of the scents. And so, it evaporates more quickly. QED.