Emma Stone is a young woman in the wind, of those who do not really take the lead, without ever doing too much. But then, why is she the cool girl on Earth?

If we were to give the definition of cool, Emma Stone would probably be one of them. At the age of 28, she is one of those women who are not afraid of anything, and especially not ridicule, which does not kill in passing. Oscar winner for her role in The Land, the actress has shown the full extent of her talent with dancing and singing, but you are not at the end of your surprises when she learns that she has more than one Turn in his bag. No, we will not tell you about the 20 times Emma Stone dazzled us on the red carpet, but these special moments that make her a full-fledged personality in Hollywood. We let you discover them below … What is your favorite moment?

1. His improvised karaoke at Jimmy Fallon

If there’s a person to invite to your karaoke party, it’s Emma Stone! She brilliantly illustrated herself in Jimmy Fallon’s show on the game “Lip Sync Battle” where she gave herself more than enough to win her title in front of the presenter!

2. His reaction after the announcement of a likely come of the Spice Girls

The stars also have crushes at our celebrity friends. In this video that could be called “Emma Stone loses the head”, the star performer, Graham Norton, announces that he has brought the Spice Girls on the set for her. The head of the young woman deserves a palm, between excitement and absolute fear. A beautiful hoax … and an Andrew Garfield who has never laughed so much in his life.

3. His message for an association

To be in date with his boyfriend and to be followed everywhere by the paparazzi, it is not what is called a beautiful day in love. The solution to enliven it? Write messages on cartons of a restaurant to make a nice message in favor of an association. Definitely these two were definitely the best couple.

4. His imitation of Britney Spears

Her hidden talent comes straight from the 2000s. At the time, the queen of pop is called Britney Spears and cartoon with planetary tubes. The most known ? Baby One More Time. It was none the less necessary for Emma Stone to sing a few notes and even perfectly imitate the mimicry of our dear Brit Brit. Do not take yourself seriously, it is the credo of the actress.

5. Her head when she saw her ex Andrew Garfield kissing someone else!

There are things that do not deceive, and especially not the reaction of Emma Stone when she heard these two key words: “Andrew Garfield kiss”. Stopped in full conversation with Damien Chazelle (director of La La Land), she almost jumped on the phone to see the scene. Fortunately for her, it was only Ryan Reynolds. A little jealous, Emma?



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