If loving the unicorns is not enough for you and you want to go straight to the top by adopting their look, we may have some solutions.

Difficult to miss the madness of the unicorns – to the point that for a time, we wondered exactly what was really delirious with it. But after a while, it was necessary to go to the evidence: the unicorns are there and for a long time. They have become instated in our Insta feeds, in our kitchen with the Unicorn Cake (yes, until then) and now they even land in our bathrooms. We do not know you but we, by dint of seeing bloody bloggers take the plunge, we thought it would be cool to try. And for that, we found five products rather nice to test.


If hair coloring is your second passion, then you know Bleach London. The brand offers many colors but clearly the clearest ones are the prettiest.




Behind The Good DYE Young hides Hayley Williams. Hayley Williams is the girl who can dye her hair in blue or yellow without asking anyone and who, incidentally, is the singer of the group Paramore. When she does not play in crowded rooms, the singer devotes herself to The Good DYE Young, a brand of hair coloring that, thank God, offers a whole palette of color. And the most beautiful thing is that the pastel shades of Unicorn Hair are part of it.

Colorista (L’Oréal)

You were told about Colorista. Once again, the little group news L’Oréal hit the nail. Because no, it’s not just burgundy. In fact, the range offers a lot of clear colors, which is perfect when you want to play it magic unicorn the time of a day. The good news is that with Colorista, it is you who decide the longevity of your color. You can not stop progress.

Lime Crime Make Up

Instagram regulars will necessarily know Lime Crime Make Up. Because the colors pastels, it’s nice but it does not do everything. Now, it takes reflections and effects. In short, you must incarnate the magic of unicorns. And if said like that, it seems complicated, with Lime Crime Make Up it will be immediately simpler.

Trend Mood 1

We finish with Trend Mood 1, the product that will give your mane (without bad play of word) metallic reflections. Admit, you want to test it. In the program, eleven shades that will allow you to obtain the reflections you want, in the tones you want. In short, that’s all we expected.