1. The terror

In 1847, the British ship HMS Terror was caught in the ice while searching for the Northwest Passage in the Arctic. In the already difficult conditions of survival come soon the attacks of a mysterious creature …

2. The alienist

We would have really liked that Cary Fukunaga, the cult director of True Detective, also put his paw on the 10 episodes of The Alienist, as it was originally planned. This might have allowed the series to live up to its great ambitions. Unfortunately, Fukunaga had to give up at the last moment and the historical thriller TNT (launched last night on the other side of the Atlantic) is now causing some frustration.

3. Altered carbon

In a dystopian future with neon lights everywhere, humanity has become immortal. It is indeed possible to transfer your mind into a memory card, and to go from body to body. In this context, Takeshi Kovacs, a former rebellious dissident, is awake after 250 years passed unconscious, prisoner and without body. We give him a new envelope, and we bring him in front of Laurens Bancroft, one of the richest men in the universe, 350 years old. His previous envelope was murdered, but the police found a suicide. He then asks the former elite soldier to investigate, in exchange for an amnesty and a lot of money. If he refuses, he will simply be sent back to prison. The beginnings of this pilot had everything to please fans of SF cyberpunk: a neo-black synopsis in a dark and dystopian world crippled concepts of hard SF, and a trailer that made drooling envy including intense action scenes and an artistic direction that promised to be detailed, dark but rich in colorful urban light. Las, it will be necessary to admit that if the program is enticing, force is to recognize that its execution is very deficient, in any case in this simple first episode of Altered Carbon.

4. Castle rock

The streaming platform Hulu has just released a new trailer for its drama Castle Rock. The series is based on the universe created by Stephen King and is produced by J.J. Abrams, who has more proof to make in the visionary series (Lost, Fringe, Person of Interest and Westworld). The basic pitch is intriguing, imagine a small, secluded town in Maine, where many of Stephen King’s creations would evolve. The story would therefore feature scenes and characters drawn from Stephen King’s works: Dead Zone, Cujo, The Body, The Part of Darkness, The Molossus Arisen from the Sun, and so on. The series promises to be particularly rich in references for fans of the master of suspense. The first season will be based on a unique story and will propose an end. The second season will have a totally different cast and will develop another story. Actors who have already participated in an adaptation of the novelist appear in the cast: Bill Skarsgård remake of It (2017) and Sissy Spacek who had played Carrie in the film of the same name in 1976. Only the beginning of the story is unveiled: a lawyer, played by Andre Holland, returns to his hometown, Castle Rock, to defend the character played by Skarsgård, who is imprisoned in Shawshank Prison. Yes, the prison of the movie “Escapees”.

5. The ballad of buster Scruggs

the public is always right: fans of series have been the first to say that the long format episodes had as much, if not more, of interest and value than the discipline queen, the seventh art, with its glorious past, its glamor (the festivals) and the Wednesday release which, like the metamorphosis of the chrysalis, transforms (for the law and criticism) any audiovisual work into a film … Today, the filmmakers themselves abolish the borders. In the United States, the biggest names have started the series – long after David Lynch and his Twin Peaks: they are called among others, excuse the little, Steven Soderbergh (The Knick and, recently, Mosaic), David Fincher (Mindhunter) or Martin Scorsese (Vinyl). And the list is not closed: do not say that The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, the first series of Coen brothers, intended for Netflix, does not make you salivate, I will not believe you.