The sun is out in this April, and not just in the sky! Thanks to these 5 new beauty, it is on our face that the brightness is displayed

We all know the famous saying of the month of April but because in the editorial, we do not want to bear self evil eye, we wanted To twister it a bit. In April, a good look will be our emblem of the month – it almost rhymes, we see only fire. And to give it even more weight, we intend to achieve it! So it’s in our bathroom that everything starts, with a clever mix of hydration and sunny makeup concocted by yours truly; 5 new beauty products that we have tested and convinced us. Because the sun has finally come out from behind the clouds but our glow is still wanted, here is what we liked to give it a boost.

1. The blush cushion of Tonymoly

It is not only ultra cute and fun to use, it is all you would expect from a blush in the spring. Since we have zapped the powders of our spring makeup ritual to lighten our skin, the relief is ensured by the fluid textures for a natural and comfortable naked skin finish. Imperceptible on the skin, the blush cushion of the Korean brand instantly melts into the grain of skin by bringing a more or less pronounced touch, depending on whether one has the light hand or preferred the layering.

2. The Kiehl’s Calendula Mask

Your skin told you ciao, resigned to appear dehydrated, dull and reactive? Say hello to Kiehl’s new remedy for burn out skins; I named the mask SOS moisturizer, little brother of face cleanser and tonic lotion with calendula. With its full calendula petals and aloe leaf juice, the cocktail is a true skin down jacket, a mask, soothing, toning and moisturizing to save it from sinking. Curing 2 to 3 times a week or more preventively once a week, the product performs miracles in early spring.

3. L’Oreal Paris Glam Beige Foundation

Sometimes we want to cover up to find confidence in ourselves, but at other times, a light veil is enough to reveal our beauty. This is exactly what L’Oreal’s new Glam Beige make-up is, subtly satin-finished to bring a healthy sun effect to the skin. Ultra fluid under the fingers – so light that it is better to apply it to the finger – it melts into the skin in a micro second, leaving it velvety to the touch and luminous to the sight. The skin looks naked but the result is there; A heated, delicately unified complexion and pleasantly protected by an SPF20.

4. Yves Rocher Colored Felt Eyeliner

The color on the eyes is not reserved for the gurus of beauty, but when one is freaked to handle acidulous makeup, the eyeliner is still our best friend. An eyelash line with Yves Rocher’s new Vertige liner and the trick is played; A fine felt pigmented as expected and which slips precisely on the eyelids. Instead of the good old black liner that has been dragging since the autumn, the blue paradise of the range is the favorite of the editor to illuminate the look!

5. Ayres Midnight Tango Body Butter

A luminous and healthy skin, it is also a well hydrated skin! So to reach our objective of April, we give the coup de grace with the new butter for the body of Ayres sold to Sephora, to be damned. Decorated with vanilla, orange blossom and moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients, it is the perfect intermediate for the season: long-lasting moisturizer but not too rich, fragrant but not summery at full nose. Before passing to the oils that satin the skin nicely, one moves eyes closed on this butter, which will regale the epidermis caressed by the first rays.


A little color, lightness and always a lot of hydration … here is how to display a radiant mine in April. And the pleasure of embellishing our beauty ritual with all new products, it also helps!