The shoes, we love them so much that they sometimes make us blind. Too small, too high or low-end … we would be ready to do anything to acquire the model of our dreams. Here are 5 mistakes to stop committing

The shoes will always be our cute sinner, a fashion accessory that makes our world better and that we collect with the same fervor as a Johnny fan. A love so strong that it makes us sometimes impulsive, blind … in other words that drives us to make rash decisions. Who has never slammed a ticket in a pair a hair right under the pretext that there was no longer your size and that you could not live without? Who ever cracked for dubious shoes just because an it-girl had worn the same? Who ever bought an incredible pair of high heels without ever getting them out of their box? The one who answers me “not me” is not a real shoe addict. The fact is there: we all make choices that we end up regretting when we choose shoes.

1. Choose low quality shoes

It is necessary for all budgets and it is good to be able to afford a trend model at a lower price, but those who really love the shoes and who cherish their pairs have a better interest to boycott them. Because after wearing them two three times, we finally realize the hidden vice. Feet bloody or covered with blisters at the end of the day, folds marked at the joints of the toes, material that rubs off, squealing unbearable at every step.

2. Buy shoes that are too large or too small

No kidding ? Yes, because it may seem obvious, but we have all already bought a pair that did not suit us and that never saw the light of day. So as much a pair too big can do the trick with a good outsole,

3. Choosing shoes that are too high

We know that a 12cm heel makes us dream more than a kitten heel for the sophisticated and sexy side it confers, but that’s another story when it comes to beating the pavement with. Is not Victoria Beckham who wants! How many times have we brought the stilettos back home without ever prowling them on the bitumen? Yes, pacing the carpet of the shoe shop is much easier than treading the slippery and hilly ground of the Parisian subway! OK, some try, but you must see at what price … So, rather than make the little player who slipped a pair of ballerinas in her bag, shorten the heels a few inches history to assume them all day. And for mercy, do not bet on a platform to compensate for the shortfall!

4. Opting for shoes not adapted to our morphology

Let us understand each other: each has the right to wear the shoes it wants and to send fart the codes of the industry if she wants. But one who is interested in morphology and seeks to highlight her silhouette will not be flogged if she wants to privilege the models that suit her. And in the field, god knows that the image advisers are full of good advice! While round women will wear wonderfully square and thick heels as well as compensated shoes, small ones must avoid mastocs shoes, those that enclose the ankle or which cut the leg while large women can just about afford everything – Total injustice. Yes, the world of footwear also has its rules of good behavior!

5. Buying shoes just because they are trendy

Being fashionable is cool, but being true to yourself is better. Do not empty your PEL on the pretext that a pair is a rage among it-girls.