Spring not only gives us cravings for lightness in fashion, but also in our bathroom. And for that, we do not hesitate to zap these 5 beauty products from our closets

The winter has not been soft with our skin, but by force of moisturizing masks, soothing creams and comforting baths, the cold wave is now only a bad memory. And since negative temperatures have been left behind, it is also time to separate from the heavy artillery that has been used to overcome dryness and inflammation, because who says entering the beautiful season says routine light beauty. Since our skin no longer needs an armada of rich products to survive, we name you 5 cosmetics to store in your closets for the next six months.

1. Rich creams

Used to alleviate dryness due to cold and replenish the hydrolipidic film put to the test by the elements, rich face creams can retire in the spring, replaced by lighter fluids. Less stressed during the sunny days, the skin softens naturally, and with the heat, covering it under a thick layer of moisturizer will tend to make it ooze.

They are replaced by what? A moisturizing fluid, a gel texture or simply a more aerial cream, preferably with a SPF.

2. Thick foundations

While we like to benefit from a high covering to hide our imperfections and our pallid complexion in winter, we prefer the lighter textures from the spring, for a finish while transparent. Farewell stick foundations, cream blushes used in contouring or thick products that will create a caky effect on our face, the time is fresh and good looking while simplicity.

They are replaced by what? A more imperceptible liquid foundation, which breaks with the matte and opaque finish and brings a natural glow.

3. Powder textures

Whether foundations, loose powders, blushes, bronzers or illuminators, we put our make-up products in a powder texture, especially when they are accumulated in our daily routine. Because even subtly iridescent, they create a material effect on the skin; Not frankly what you look for when you want to give an impression of no-makeup.

They are replaced by what? Liquid or creamy textures, such as cushion products, sticks or tinted fluids that better blend into the skin texture.

4. Progressive Peelings

Useful to clarify our skin in winter, even superficial peels are to be proscribed as soon as the sun arrives, under pain of causing more wrong than good to our skin. Renowned abrasives, these chemical scrubs act on the different layers of the epidermis, sensitizing the skin in the short term. Unless you do not expose yourself to the sun, you avoid the peelings until the re-entry.

They are replaced by what? Mild enzymatic scrubs in early spring to restore shine to the skin, or conventional mechanical scrubs that act only on the surface.

5. Face oils

Ultra rich and beneficial for our skin, the oils face perfectly to the weakened skins during the cold season, in punctual care or in replacement of a face cream. But in the same way as the rich creams, it is preferable to leave them in the spring not to plumb our skin: too much hydration kills hydration.

They are replaced by what? A cleansing oil to retain the benefits of hydration without clogging the skin.

In the spring, we make room in our bathroom to keep only the essentials. Our skin no longer needs an intensive layering.