5 Amazing Fun Facts From The Oscar Nominated Movies of 2017

We are soon going to count down the Oscar nominated movies and it’s very obvious that we are going to hear a lot of fun facts about the Oscar nominated movies. A movie needs to be incredibly amazing to get nominated for the Oscars. And as we have already entered 2017, there are some Oscar nominated movies according to us. What if we tell you some fun facts about these Oscar nominated movies? No, there are no spoilers about the plots, just some amazing fun facts!

1. La La Land has 14 nominations at the 2017 Oscars. The movie has surpassed the nomination records of All About Eve (1950) and Titanic (1997).

2. The director of the movie, Barry Jenkins told in an interview that his own mother is a drug addict, just like the character Chiron in the movie.

3. All of the Hell or High Water is set in Texas but not even a single scene was actually shot in Texas.

4. In the movie, Hell or High Water Toby offers a beer to his son. Texas is one of the states in the US which allows underage children to consume alcohol under the supervision of adults.

5. Both Ryan Gosling and Emma Watson turned down Beauty and The Beast to play in La La Land.