Normally, not those temperatures, you would see you well by the pool sipping a mojito, two-three lengths and throw a few balls in the shade of a pine. Except instead, you’re at taff / in class / maintenance pole employment and a priori, you’ve surely made up mechanically as you do every morning – foundation, mascara, lipstick, contouring and strobing without forgetting a single step.

A mattifying base is essential

Not only the makeup base will smooth your skin texture and possible imperfections, but it will allow your makeup to apply more easily and stay in place longer – since it is not applied to the direct contact of the transpiring skin. If your base is mattifying, it’s even better: the formulation was designed to control the production of sebum.


Go for cream textures

Powder textures have the ability to matify the skin but when it is hot, the makeup deposited on the surface quickly give a grainy effect when mixed with sweat. The best thing is to opt for fluid textures – liquid bronzing, blush cushion for example – to perfectly melt on the skin and keep a natural side.


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To you the waterproof

The waterproof makeup is a tan to remove, OK, but it can save the setting under the dodger! These include water resistant mascara to avoid panda eyes, and waterproof eyebrow pencils to keep your ark well defined all day long. Without that, hello the damage after a refreshing mist blower!



Forget your powder for touch-ups

No. No ! We see you coming: “it shines, I’m going to re-plow”. This is the worst idea that can go through your head when your makeup dripping. Reason # 1: you’re not going to remove the sebum, you’re just mixing it with makeup. Reason # 2: You’ll look caky x1000. Reason # 3: You will clog your dilated pores and encourage the pimples to grow. Reason # 4: you will deposit bacteria on a terrain already prone to imperfections. We continue ? If you want to neutralize shine, balm or matifying papers are the only acceptable option!