Valentine’s Day is coming and you do not know what to do to impress Jules. Do not panic, we have good ideas to get out of the clichés and avoid the restaurant.

February 14 is all very soon. Yes, but just that night, what do we do? It’s up to you to surprise your dear and tender, but you do not want to fall into the already seen / done? The editorial has some ideas to make your Valentine’s Day a little more original. For all budgets and all forms of complicity, we offer you some ideas for a night out for two.

1. Shopping Sexy

And if February 14 was the day you dared to go through the door of a sex shop as a couple? Sextoys, sexy games, accessories, this is the place to find a thousand ideas to get out of the ordinary! Shyness and embarrassment of the first few seconds, you will quickly find a new common ground … And if we let go tonight?

2. Show Burlesque

We do not think enough, but the Burlesque show can be the ideal outing between lovers. The pin-up and strippers offer you a real cabaret show naughty! What both you and your husband are waiting for. But, above all, the Burlesque is an art – which could surprise you and charm you, and more than you imagine …

3. Cooking two

Go buy products you like – make yourself a real kiff and do not refuse anything. Gambas, shrimps, lamb, foie gras or pasta dish … and cook them together! Small background music, aprons, glasses of wine, you will spend a very complicated time both and that, it has no price for a Valentine’s Day. We forget Picard and we go to the kitchen, but in love.

4. Sex Before Dinner

Restaurant, meals for two, aperitif for two then last drink, sofa … naked under the duvet. What if we changed the order? Keep the idea of a comfy diner or dinner at home, but first go through the sex box! Nothing better to be relaxed, accomplices and naughty at dinner … Idea tested and approved by the editorial, you are told: it will change you the moment Enjoy!