In many ways, the bathroom is very similar to the kitchen. Not only because we sometimes use food to formulate home care, but also because to some extent, our beauty products demand as much attention as our food products. Just as we keep our leftovers in the fridge, wrapping our lettuce in a dish towel to keep it fresh or washing our fruits and vegetables before eating, there are a few things to do with our cosmetics to keep them as long as possible and consume them without losing their integrity. But all this, it is not invented so we entrust you immediately the 3 fundamentals to preserve your beauty products, if you ever really want to do things right – because they deserve it,

1. Wash your hands before putting your fingers in a pot


Unmask me. A blog post dedicated to my favorite #winter skincare. 💚

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2. Protect your naked products



3. Preserve them from the light


Morning Routine 🌸🌞. I spent some of my morning doing some online shopping 🙈. Right now Anthropologie is having a 20% off sale and I had to restock. I repurchased Kypris Antioxidant Dew and the Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser. Some extra bits as well. Now I’m debating if I should get Kypris Clearing Serum 🤔 lol. ✨Cleanse #glossier About a week ago I mentioned how I was having some issues with the Milk Jelly cleanser pump. I ended up contacting the gteam via email, and I explained to them how the pump eventually gives up. They asked for the batch number and also told me they were happy to hear the feedback. Furthermore, they were even kind enough to send me a replacement. If you are having the same problem, definitely email them, they have a great costumer service team ❤. ✨Spritz #saturdayskin ✨Treat glossier Super Pure ✨Treat #100percentpure I’m almost out of this serum and while I have enjoyed it, I don’t think I’m going to repurchase it. I prefer Jordan Samuel’s Hydrate. This one tends to feel a bit sticky on me, and Hydrate from JS sinks in seamlessly. I am going to finish it though lol. ✨Eye Cream #mariobadescu Ceramide Eye Gel ✨*Moisturizer #saturdayskin First Impressions: Light texture, almost reminds me of glossier’s Priming moisturizer. Except this one has a slight tacky finish. It also has a light lemony scent. Kind of reminds me of key lime pie. ✨Face Balm & Lip Balm #egyptianmagic Using the tiniest amount around my nose and mouth area (my skin needs a bit more moisture there). Also on my lips ❤. I’m still using this product almost daily lol. I even went to Marshalls yesterday in hopes that I would find one more, and I did!! ✨Sunscreen #missha I already repurchased this sunscreen one of my favorites, and I love how affordable it is. It doesn’t feel heavy, and leaves no white cast on me. *PR Gifted

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