Before, there was Linda Carter, but that was before. The new Wonder Woman is Gal Gadot and she is about to break the screen in two weeks. And we were in a hurry.

The first time we saw her, it was in Batman vs Superman and she made them look like two funny little things. While the two superheroes were clearly gonna put KO’s big villain, Doomsday, she arrived, more badass and sexy than ever, and showed what wood she was warming up. Suffice to say that when we learned that an entire movie was planned around her, we no longer felt pissed. And the last trailer, in which Gal Gadot was breathtaking, did not fix anything. Now we have only one desire: to jump until June 7, date of release of the film, to discover the origins of this super-heroine who throws. And here’s why you too should be excited!

An inspiring super-heroine

Who does not know Wonder Woman? With its gilded lasso, indestructible bracelets, warrior dress and spectacular powers, the Princess of Themyscira has established itself among the Batman, Superman and Company and has nothing to envy them. More badass than all the super heroines combined, it quickly became a true symbol for all women. That of the strong woman, who assumes, who has his character and does not allow himself to be made. The kind of woman we aspire to be, in short. Then a whole movie about her, we sign without hesitation. Especially since Gal Gadot confessed to be inspired by Beyoncé for his role. What better argument than that, sincerely?

Chris Pine

So yes, the main reason for being excited by Wonder Woman is the heroine in itself, but our other great motivation is Chris Pine. Because we do not know you, but we, at the writing, are no longer responsible for anything before him. In Wonder Woman, he plays Steve Trevor, a US Army spy and military man who will meet by chance on the island of Themyscira and incite Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman) to come with him to fight alongside humans . And the most amazing thing about all this is that it does not bother him at all to be dominated by a woman. In an interview, the actor even said that he was “super excited at the thought of shooting a film with a superhero woman and who is more in the lead role.” The perfect man really exists, finally !

The movie Girl Power par excellence

Wonder Woman is the movie Girl Power par excellence. One, because it staged a super-heroine badass and impressive. Of two, because it was realized by a woman: Patty Jenkins, to whom one owes the great Monster. A first in the films of superheroes which should, hopefully, open the way to other filmmakers who would like. Finally, because the cast is also very feminine. Among these are Connie Nielsen in the role of Hyppolite, Robin Wright in that of Antiope, Lisa Loven Kongsli in that of Menalippe and finally Elena Anaya in the role of the wicked Dr. Maru. Who run the world? Girls!

And if all that was not enough to convince you (but it is believed middle-middle), just look at the American critics to understand that it will be necessary to go to see Wonder Woman. “Gal Gadot is absolutely phenomenal in the role of Wonder Woman” (Moviepilot), “Wonder Woman is the DC movie I was expecting. It is exciting, inspiring, funny, and it has incredible action scenes “(Slashfilm) or” Wonder Woman is the best film in the DC universe “(Cinemablend) .We do not know you, but for us, The appointment is already made for June 7th.