1. Do you have vertigo?

2. Do photos like this one mess you up?

3. Seen from the ground, this arm looks enormous, but once up there, it seems a little less solid.

4. Do you feel a strange tingling in your chest when you look at this picture?

5. I am sure there is a better way to clean this window

6. Congratulations are in order though! Not many people could make it this far into a vertigo test

7. Is it really clear that this bridge has been designed to support so many people at once?

8. It all looks safe …

9. Blow a little after all this madness and look at a photo a little more relaxing. Like the pleasant bicycle ride of these young people

10. as long as you have a good hold….

11. Just be careful going out the front door. There’s a bit of a drop

12. How peaceful

13. More people still claim to have dizziness in the kind of situation this guy is experiencing

14. The sensation of having the head turning and being about to fall into abysses

15. The world feels like it starts to shake…

16. And if you look at these photos, you feel one of these sensations, then you may suffer from acrophobia after all!

17. Hopefully the wind will not blow during the descent

18. We’ve seen enough photos! Let’s go down … slowly

19. At least, it was discovered before you found yourself in the situation of this type

20. even if our two feet are in fact well anchored on the ground. Finally, ah … “ground”

21. The medical term is “acrophobia”

22. More people still feel dizzy in the kind of situation this guy is experiencing