Woman is a formidable, sensitive and indispensable being, who does not change emotional states a hundred times a day for no reason.

So for any girl living a break, a friendly disappointment or even a slack shot, here are the 16 things to do in order to start a new start:

1. Make a coloration

Even if you hate or do not want to, take your courage with both hands and do it! It’s always good to change your mind.

2. Traveling by yourself

Backpack and card in hand, test your autonomy and screw your adventure by discovering beautiful places.

3. Giving yourself a physical challenge

Run a marathon for a good cause or just learn to do push-ups!

4. Learning a martial art or kick-boxing

In order to harden you physically and morally, this kind of sport will help you to de-stress above all.

5. Make road-trips with friends

A weekend in Paris or Los angles does no harm to anyone.

6. Get pleasure from time to time

You love these pumps? Buy them!

7. Forgiving someone

Forgiveness is not about the other, but about oneself. So forgive so you can move on.

8. Going to a concert

And steal like a sick man!

9. Learning to love things that you usually do not like

Do you hate hiking? Learn to love, for in life one must always make concessions.

10. Do something that terrifies you once a year

From jump to parachute to the zip line, face your fears!

11. Playing Karaoke

Yes, you do not have the voice of Celine Dion, but the karaoke is made to ridicule between friends not?

12. Love someone and live with your life

The year of life, love and happiness you find with whom you love

13. Go to a place where there is no network

A little tranquility, without social networks and without news from the outside world.

14. Find a phrase or quote that will be your personal mantra

“For others to change, you have to change. Otherwise, pretty much nothing will change “- Jim Rohn.

15. Adopting an animal

Animals love us unconditionally. Whether it is a goldfish or a dog, looking after a living being, it is the top!

16. Learning to make a complete meal

Stop with the phony excuses: I do not have time, I do not want, etc. Look for one of your favorite dishes and cook it for you.

17. Invite a friend to eat

From time to time, pay a good meal to a friend in order to get together and have a good time.