Everyone has their dreams and goals, and each has its own rhythm to reach them. But before 30 years, we have common goals, difficult for most, but not impossible. Certainly, when you are younger, you are constrained by certain constraints, mainly financial ones. With good management, several things become possible!

For you, we have made the list of “dreams” that can be achieved before 30 years, with a little more willpower, and much less procrastination.

1. Not to be exposed at the end of the month

2. Buy your 1st car

3. Go to Tomorrowland

4. Attend a Rock concert

5. Travel to many places

6. Go to a remote place with someone you love

7. Write his first novel

8. Switching to TV

9. Start a blog

10. Going on road-trip with friends

11. Practicing extreme sport

12. Paying a gym

13. Confessing your feelings to the Crush, no matter what the answer

14. Loving your job

15. Take a long vacation

16. Save money