One passes his life dreaming of the future, inventing one’s life, thinking that when one has an age X, one would be in a certain way, that one would have such or such possession. That said, the reality may be totally different. Back on these things we thought we would get once the 20’s passed.

1. The body you dream of

2. A band of friends at the Friends or How I Met Your Mother

3. A great diploma

4. A job that allows you to express yourself and dress as you like

5. Having found love for one’s life

6. Have a salary that allows you to go out every night until the end of the month

7. Create something that makes you never need to work again

8. Dare to go to the doctor all alone

9. Having a savings account

10. Having a cinematic and literary culture that impresses

11. Know how to manage your home as a big

12. Buying your car yourself

13. Know how to talk to your crush without turning into a tomato

14. Watch information regularly, or at least keep up to date on what is happening


15. Do not post 35,000 selfies per day