Obama ended the second and final state to take over Donald Trump, president of the United States for the next four years. On the day of Obama’s departure, we chose the images you summarize how America will miss this wonderful person.

1. Obama and his wife Michelle remained ideal couple

2. picture of Obama shaking hands, Prince George, who was dressed in his sleep

 3. Obama and the spirit of humor with children

4. In another image with a child dressed Spider-Man

5. While we find in this picture on the ground, carrying a child of his advisers

6. While winning a second term Obama deploy an image where hugging his wife expressed her gratitude

7. Here we see another image reflect the extent of love couple

8. Obama and his family celebrate Thanksgiving Day

9. celebrate the former president and his wife Halloween with young children

10. Face fun for Obama with the White House workers

11. In the picture, too, but at Dallas University

12. humorous not let the former US president, even in his office

13. In this picture too

14. Obama with the Jamaican hero¬†“Usain Bolt”

15. Here we find Obama’s visit to a cell that Mandela spent in prison



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