Farewell to the crown of flowers, here are 15 ideas of trendy and bohemian hairstyles to wear in festival or weekend

The festival season is officially open! With the arrival of spring, the musical events will be the place to be until the re-entry, the place where we intend to spend all our weekends – if our finances allow it. But this year, we swear: our good old crown of flowers will stay warm at home, at the risk of appearing to come straight out of the year 2013 (and as much we are ready to go up in The 60’s trend, as the 2010 decade is not the best reference in the matter). And it will not be worse like that since, by bastarding this icon of festoches, our creativity capillary will be more than ever flowing! In the absence of this accessory statement, to us the pretty braids, the knotted scarves, the messy chignons, the rings of hair or the constellations of spangles.

The mythical half bun

It is perhaps a must-see that we realize several times a week but in festival, we can finally let go! With a texturing product and a comb, the strands are matified and given volume by creping them slightly.

Very 90’s macarons

If we were not aware of the potential of the 90’s when we were gamines, we realize today! What’s more fun and mischievous than two tall buttons, dotted with a few glitter for the unicorn touch?

A braid on the cob

She is canon all by herself, but with a few loose locks, the rendering is even more bohemian. But above all, we want loose, loose and still loose!

Corkscrew buckles

Ultra trend this season, curls made with curling iron are a good idea for a festival, when you feel ready to dare the maxi volume. And as it takes time to realize this wild hairstyle, so much wear it for a good occasion.

A twisted ponytail

Since this hairstyle is still relatively simple, it is preferred on unicorn or pastel hair, history to bring him a little spice.

A faux-halk decorated

When you have beautiful lengths, you do not necessarily want to hide our hair behind an ultra sophisticated hairstyle. For this reason, the faux-halk is a perfect hairstyle, provided it is decorated with rings or other shiny accessories to give it pep’s.

A chignon … flowery

Because we feel guilty of having banished the crown of flowers (we have nothing against flowers, we must believe!), We incorporated a few stems to a bun disheveled, like when we were gamines. A good compromise for those who truly held their floral headband.

A wrapped braid

When wearing a fairly simple festival outfit – if it’s really possible – the braid enhanced with a scarf instantly accessorizes the look. Nevertheless, we are careful to allow a few wicks to overhang, at the risk of looking too clean-on-oneself. In festoche, it’s bad.

An Indian braid

Because we do not necessarily take the time to do a morning before going to work, we can reserve it for this occasion. The must to make it really canon? Clip extensions on the lower half of the skull to bring volume to the hair, and thicken the mat.

False locks

Those wearing a silky weave will perhaps want to switch their beautiful hair to false locks a little more grunge. Who has never envied ZoĆ« Kravitz’s braided hairstyles in festival?

A coiled hairstyle

If you wind everything, the result may be a BC-BG hair. And as it is not a wedding that one goes, one injects a bohemian touch to this hairstyle by wrapping only half of the locks around a rear headband.

Glued braids

Already ultra-present in festival in 2016, they will always make their little effect this season, decorated with rings or not. But because we do not try to look like Sean Paul with this hairstyle, we limit them to the number of 4. Go, 6 if necessary.

A braided ponytail

Whether we braid lengths or pimpe the top with a glued mat, this hairstyle is ideal for those who want to be quiet with their hair during a festival.

A headband scarf

It’s a classic but it always works as well, especially when you have a fringe. And since there are 1001 ways to tie a scarf, we are sure to never repeat ourselves!


A jewel of a bohemian head

Alternative to the crown of flowers, the head jewel has not yet weary. The advantage? It is self-sufficient and therefore requires to keep its hair detached. And that, no worries, we know how to do.