“School out forever”! If the rebel in you only asks out then the grunge trend is made for you. The concept ? Pull out your old T-shirt together to make it better fashion pieces.
What if you were told that you could wear your festive uniforms in everyday life (or almost)? The trend is grunge and obviously, we no longer limit ourselves to the Docs Martens. Now we move on to higher gear by taking out our old T-shirts in concert. With lamé, with a smocking, with fishnet … the Stones, the Guns ‘n’ Roses or even Iron Maiden are everywhere and it is not to displease. Nostalgia is very nice, but how is this trend?

1. The hipster version

The simplest combo is that of combat boots and high waist jeans. There at least, you are sure to make a no-fault!

2. The romantic version (if the rock bands, this is not your thing)

If Metallica is absolutely not your cam and you are rather the type to listen to Drake or Frank Ocean, it is not serious – some girls remain integral and do not succumb. For them, a denim jacket (torn, the jacket) and some embroidery will do. And more, it gives a romantic side.

3. The sexy version

Well, it’s granted, you have to assume it. But no one asks you to go out wearing only fishnet tights. With black shorts, it will go very well! And since fishnet is everywhere, you’ll be pile in the trend.

4. The dress T-shirt, a classic

The advantage with the T-shit dress is that it saves you from cogiting during the morning lead. And that’s all it takes when you barely have time to swallow a coffee.

5. The boyish version

We can wear our favorite t-shirt from Iron Maiden and not look like a backward teen. For that, one breaks the whole with an oversize jacket and ample pants. To you the style boyish!

6. Of the lamé, still of the lamé, always of the lamé!

Even if it’s springtime, you can take out your pieces in lamé without feeling guilty. With a loose t-shirt, you will feel like a cool girl, not being a girl who’s going to party at 2pm.

7. When you want to be trendy

At Stradivarius, we associate Grunge / Punk T-shirts with the Vichy print. And of course, it’s a full cardboard: two trends, a look and you’re perfect.

8. Total look black

When you want to play it grunge, it would be (almost) obligatory to wear black. With an aviator jacket and a black slim, one is stacked in the subject.

9. In smocking (to go to work quiet conscience)

Going to work with his favorite Stones t-shirt is complicated. So, we straighten it all with a smocking and heels – good, for the heels, you are not obliged.

10. With yellow (because this is the spring we have fishing)