“All the good things that exist are the fruits of originality” – John

Nowadays, originality is the key word, and “HipDict” has understood it. This Instagram/Facebook page with the slogan “Definition By You” creates its own dictionary by defining the words in the most honest way possible.

Discover without delay!

1. “Valentine’s Day, why so many people were born in November. ”

2. “Bae, a Danish word to say excrement. Also used by people who believe it means baby. “

3. “Vodka, a drink that makes you strong and intelligent. “

4. “Your Mom, the best answer to any question.”

5. “Orgasm, the meaning of life.”

6. “Feet, a device to find LEGO in the dark. “

7. “Poor, when you have too many months at the end of your money.”

8. “Embarrassing, the moment you realize that no one is listening to you and you slowly stop talking.”

9. “Secret, something you tell everyone not to tell anyone.”

10. “Dentist, like your parents, but it criticizes your teeth in place of your lifestyle.”

11. “Ironically, dropping your iPhone into an apple juice.”

12. “College, a place where everyone is smarter than you except your group partners.”

13. “Balanced diet, a cheeseburger in each hand.”

14. “Tomorrow is the perfect time to do whatever you have planned for today.”

15. “Procrastinating, what you are doing right now.”



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