Soon the summer will be well installed. And that said been said of trips and exits usually by car. History not to start this period on a false note, there are certain things to prepare in advance, including items and items that must necessarily have in his car.

A light-signaling triangle, a fluorescent vest, a spare wheel, etc. Yes you have all that, but it’s not all you need. This is why we offer you this list of indispensable items to keep all the time in his car.

1. The first thing: your license

2. A charger for the mobile phone

3. A box of Kleenex

4. Sunglasses

5. Water

6. Paracetamol

7. Candy

8. A sun visor

9. A flashlight

10. Music Playlist

11. A deodorant

12. One or two books

13. A mini teddy bear (for decoration)