WARNING ! If you do not want to know anything about the 13 Reasons Why series and its possible season 2, go your way! Or do not come and say you have not been warned. SPOILER ALERT
If you have Netflix, then you could not miss out on the 13 Reasons Why series. With this nugget, the platform and Selena Gomez have clearly hit a big shot, offering a realistic and incredibly well-made series. If, like us, you swallowed the entire first season in just a few days, then you’re probably perplexed after the Season Finale: Will 13 Reasons Why have a season 2, yes or no? Well, to believe this theory based on the character of Alex, it’s likely.

Among the most important cliffhangers of the last episode, we find the case of Alex. One learns that he tried to kill himself and even if everything leads to believe that he shot himself, a theory would have it that Tyler (the photographer / stalker) did it. The reason ? We see Tyler looking at his pictures at the very end of the episode – he stops for a moment on Alex’s, remembering that he defended it. And of course, we do not talk about his collection of firearms.

This theory might be true. Now, some elements make us doubt. First, the psychological state of Alex empires from episode to episode and that, we see. It is as if throughout the series, the writers had left us clues that would indicate a depression. Also, there is an obvious parallel between him and Hanna – not to mention that with Clay, they are surely the most affected by his death. There’s the fall in the Bryce pool that reminds us of Hanna’s death in her bathtub.