13 products for instant freshness

Are you in shape? Here is a question that crumbles and to which one answers often with a little lie “Yeah it goes! “. Good shape and freshness. In short, being at ease, at least for the day, is a state of mind and evasive health that you do not feel on a daily basis, and to get there you have to go with a strong hand.

Discover these 13 food products that will instantly give you the freshness you are looking for.

1. Corn

Used since ancient times by ancient civilizations, corn is a product that is full of virtues. In salad or grilled, you will have for all tastes.

2. Watermelon

Rich in vitamin A and citrulline, watermelon is known to promote the dilation of blood vessels. Eating it will provide instant freshness.

3. Cherries

Rich in fiber and low in calories, we no longer count the benefits of cherry. To refresh yourself, opt for those that are sweet.

4. Tomatoes

Tomato, which is both a fruit and a vegetable, greatly helps to improve our heart health. To feel fresh, consume it in salad.

5. Raspberries

In addition to being a good and succulent fruit, raspberry happens to be the number one enemy of cardiovascular disease. You can consume it without moderation, it will only do you good.

6. Dried fruits

As the name suggests, dry fruits are devoid of water and even less juice, but remain, however, rich in vitamins and minerals. Consuming it is sometimes recommended.

7. Fennel

It is the most consumed vegetable in the summer. Low caloric, refreshing and delicious, the fennel gives you a satiety effect thanks to its high fiber content.

8. The lawyer

Concentrated in vitamins, the avocado although a little caloric, is a product promoting weight loss.

9. Coconut

When you see this fruit, the first thing we think of is summer, sun and beach. Its freshness of its scent attracts us and propel us far in a small patch of paradise.

10. Spinach

A symbol of strength, spinach is known for its freshness in exotic dishes.

11. The cucumber

Known for its beauty virtues, cucumber proves to be an unrivaled slimming ally.

12. The mint

Ah the mint! Impossible to speak cool without mentioning the mint. Used often for tea, this ornamental plant which makes glide only with its exquisite scent.

13. Lemon